[mod_python] Installing mod_python (newbie)

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Oct 18 16:56:07 EDT 2005

As well as following Jorey's suggestion on a publisher example, also try the most
basic mptest.py example as described in:


This article gives points about what not to do and where to look to resolve issues.

Jorey Bump wrote ..
> Philippe C. Martin wrote:
> > I also noticed that the localhost/mp pages shows "Apache/2.0.55 (Unix)
> > mod_python/3.2.0b Python/2.4.2 Server at Port 80" at the bottom.
> Okay, then mod_python is loaded and running. I think your test is 
> flawed, however. Try something simpler:
> <Directory "/var/www/html/mp">
>    SetHandler python-program
>    PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
>    PythonDebug On
> </Directory>
> Create /var/www/html/mp/hello.py:
> def world():
>      return "Hello, world!"
> Restart apache and point a browser at:
>   http://localhost/mp/hello/world
> SetHandler causes mod_python to handle *all* files in the directory, and
> allows you to leave off the .py extension. Publisher requires you to 
> point the URL at a function within the module. AddHandler lets you mix
> files, but you must call the module with the .py extension.
> When using SetHandler, you can create a file named index.py with a 
> function named index, and leave both off the URL. This has historically
> caused some problems that 3.2b claims to address. I've haven't checked
> this myself, but try it next if you really want to use only the 
> directory in the URL with a default module/function.
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