[mod_python] upload pop-up

Wim Heirman Wim.Heirman at UGent.be
Mon Oct 17 07:10:06 EDT 2005

> upload.py
> =======
> from mod_python import psp,util
> def index(req, file=None):
>     req.content_type = 'multipart/form-data'
>     tmpl = psp.PSP(req, filename='templates/upload.tmpl', vars={'req':
> req, 'psp': psp, 'file': file})
>     tmpl.run()

You should set req.content_type to text/html, otherwise IE thinks the
output of upload.py is in some format it can't display -- in which case
it shows the 'Open With or Save' dialog.


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