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Peter Sanchez petersanchez at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 14:38:10 EDT 2005

Sorry for the late reply, got busy yesterday.

I did as you suggested, and it errors when trying to start apache (unable to
load mod_python.so), so it has to be the right module.

So, now I put it back to the 3.1.4 version again, and I thought the entire
pages were loading, but when I load pages with a lot more data, I realize
that they aren't loading in whole. So I am still trying to figure out why it
is crashing.

Is there any way to trace the mod_python process, not sure if this would
even help.

Thanks guys,


On 10/12/05, Graham Dumpleton <grahamd at dscpl.com.au> wrote:
> Rename the mod_python.so to something else and restart Apache.
> If it truly is picking up this file, it should fail to find it. If not and
> you still get the error, there must be another copy somewhere
> which is being found.
> Sorry, if this seems like I don't trust what you say, but the error
> really suggests that an old version is being used and this will at
> least try and confirm whether your new one is being used or not.
> Other things to check are that there aren't two LoadModule lines in
> Apache config file for mod_python.so where each grabs it from a
> different location. A long shot would be that mod_python.so is
> somehow statically compiled into Apache.
> Graham
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