[mod_python] PyhtonImport

Paul Hide paul.hide at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 13:41:36 EDT 2005

Server is: Apache 2.0.54, mod_python 3.1.3 Debian 3.1
Client is Firefox 1.0.7 on ms win 2k
The following file is successfully imported by a PythonImport directive.

#PythonImport test

from mod_python import apache

apache.log_error('q8 q8 q8 q8')

I know this because it writes to the error log.

The directive that loads it is:

PythonImport pyimp localhost.localdomain

I know that my publisher programs are being run in this interpreter because:

def t(req):
return str(req.interpreter) #probably is a string anyway

returns localhost.localdomain into my browser.

If I now change my publisher program to say:

def t(req):
return str(globals()) #probably is a string anyway

then why can't I see any reference to pyimp in the resulting output?

Paul Hide
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