[mod_python] multiple requests to authenhandler for a single url

reghigh reghigh at thefactz.org
Thu Oct 6 11:26:54 EDT 2005

Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Oct 2005, reghigh wrote:
>> Under this hypothesis one should have /x/y/x -> (/x, /x/y/x).
>> However a quick check with /x/y/x shows this is not the case (this is 
>> also seen in the second example i give) since /x/y/x produces only one 
>> request (i.e. /x/y/x -> (/x/y/x)).
> I think this will depend on whether /x/y/x directories actually exist. 
> If only the first x exists, then /x/y or /x/a/b/c/d/e are the same 
> requests since everything after /x is ignored (in CGI terms, it becomes 
> path_info).
> My guess is that the actual rule is - one call to authen for the 
> Location directive and then left to right for every actually existing 
> directory on your file system. Once the path stops matching actual 
> directories, the rest of the url is treated as path_info arguments.

None of these directories exists on my system. I.e. if successful all of 
these would result in a 404 not found result. so /x does not exist 
neither do /x/y, /x/y/z etc etc. Also why would /x/x result in two 
requests but /x/y in one (using <Location /x>)?



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