[mod_python] mod_python newbie help

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Mon Oct 3 18:42:10 EDT 2005

Jorey Bump wrote ..
> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> > 
> > On 04/10/2005, at 4:18 AM, Jorey Bump wrote:
>  >
> >> and/or use conventional Python exceptions to handle errors:
> >>
> >> try:
> >>     a = req.form['myvar']
> >> except KeyError, key:
> >>     return '<h1>No form variable by that name: %s</h1>' % (key,)
> > 
> > This unfortunately doesn't help with mod_python.publisher unless you
> are
> > prepared to throw away its abilities to automatically decode form
> > parameters into function arguments.
> I am prepared to do so, and have for a long time. :)

Personal preferences. Personally, I don't use publisher at all because
of various other warts. :-)

Either way, if one wants to hack up something quickly, using function
arguments for the form parameters is simply easier.

> Nonetheless, I'm 
> not sure why you think this is unhelpful with Publisher. As long as you
> take req and the automatically decoded parameter in your function, you
> can refer to them both ways:
> def compare(req, myvar):
>      if req.form['myvar'] == myvar:
>          return 'they are the same'
>      else:
>          # this should never happen
>          return 'they are not the same'

Except that that code will never get a chance to execute when "myvar" was
never supplied as a form argument in the first place, which if I recollect
was what the original question related to.


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