[mod_python] strange behavior of form + patch for mod_python

Rafal Zawadzki bluszcz at jabberpl.org
Sat Nov 26 13:55:05 EST 2005

Dnia sobota 26 listopad 2005 19:45, napisałeś:

> When the submitted form is being processed there is no way for it to
> know how the form variables were created, whether by checkboxes, or
> whatever.  So unless it sees a particular named variable more than
> once, there is no way to anticipate you want a list rather than a
> single value.  

In my opinion this is not proper way. For example db api always returns list, 
even with single result. 

> Also there is a lot of prior tradition that this is how python HTML
> form processors should work.  For instance the standard cgi module
> also does it this way.

I don't like "tradition" like solutions. I like smart, proper way solutions.

> What you can/should do instead is to just change it to a list in your
> template if you want rather than patching mod_python.  You can easily
> write a helper function as so:

>   def force_as_list( v ):
>      if type(v) is not type([]):
>         return [v]
>      return v

This is not python style, and it breaks duck typing. Check the types? Every 
time? It is not optimal.

Please, give me better reasons than tradition.

Best regards,

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