[mod_python] ide's people are using..

sergio sruiz at redreddesign.com
Wed Nov 23 11:28:49 EST 2005

wondering what ide's people are using for developing in mod_perl..

i have been using dreamweaver for a long time, and there are some things 
i really like about it.

i like being able to see all the files on the web server in a directory 
tree, and open whatever i need at will..

i like how it handles php.. no biggie, just syntax help and text 
highlighting.. i find that highlighting is the only real useful thing here..

i would like to use an ide that maybe i could use for php maintenance at 
the same time..

i would like something that interfaces cleanly to subversion..

i am currently checking out komodo, but i am really missing having a 
live file tree (since i end up editing alot of xml or css or config 
files at the same time..)

anyone have any recommendations?

sergio t. ruiz
red red design

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