[mod_python] leap of faith..

sergio sruiz at redreddesign.com
Wed Nov 23 10:52:13 EST 2005

okay, here i go.. i have a project due in the next week and a half..

it's a basic ad campaign management system, but with a few specialized 
twists.. nothing super intense.. but something that has to be branded to 
  our company and able to read our databases and lock into some of our 
in house design issues..

like i said, i have done everything php for the past few years.. (before 
that, i was programming non web things)..

i have taken a liking to developing a page class in php that defines the 
page, and anything that differs between pages is just overwritten in 
another php file. i am hoping to use a model like this on this project, 

anyway.. it will need:

a page class with functions to generate the html entities..
mysql access
authentication using usernames/passwords in a mysql database..
session control to keep track of the user's status.

i am starting this project as we speak, so don't be surprised if you see 
a ton of emails from me that resemble crying..


sergio t. ruiz
red red design

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