[mod_python] PSP Templating printing in plain text

Matt Shaw matt.shaw at elanit.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 06:08:52 EST 2005

I have been playing with Python for making a web project, mainly to learn
the Python language and realised that the most painful part of it all was
not the Python at all but the CGI, so found MOD_PYTHON and am going to use
this as seems perfect.  However when following the example below, it outputs
to the browser as plain text with all the tags shown and not as tho its
HTML, I'm using the Ubuntu 5.10.  Oddly enough it does actually swap out the
variable, so it is kinda working :-) Any help would be appreciated.
Here is a snippet of the relevant Apache configuration for using the

<Directory /your/document/root>

SetHandler mod_python

PythonHandler mod_python.publisher

PythonDebug On


Since we're using PSP as a templating mechanism, we need a template. Let's
assume it is in a file named /your/document/root/hello.tmpl:


   <h1><%= greet %></h2>


Here is the Python script. Let's assume it is in a file called

from mod_python import psp

def hello(req, name=''):

   s = 'Hello, there!'

   if name:

       s = 'Hello, %s!' % name.capitalize()

   tmpl = psp.PSP(req, filename='hello.tmpl')

   tmpl.run(vars = { 'greet': s })


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