[mod_python] NEWS file contents

Martin MOKREJŠ mmokrejs at ribosome.natur.cuni.cz
Mon Nov 21 09:50:31 EST 2005

  I has a look into the 3.2.5b/NEWS file and there's:

Nov 15 2005 -   3.2.5b is being tagged

Oct 28 2005 -   3.2.4b is being tagged

Oct 22 2005 -   3.2.3b is being tagged

Sep 13 2005 -   3.2.2b is being tagged

Sep  6 2005 -   3.2.1b is being tagged

Aug 16 2005 -   3.2.0b is being tagged

Feb 17 2004 -   3.1.3 is being tagged

Oct 14 2003 -   3.1.1b is tagged

Aug 29 2003 -   3.1.0a (Alpha) is out

Mar 17 2003 -   3.0.3 is released 

                This file will no longer have details, since those
                are in CVS anyway.


What's the point to have such a file? I'd suggest either to remove it
or put the cvs comments into the file. I understand you have no time
to summarize the cvs changes into a brief paragraph per released
version, but something should happen with this.

Just put in the cvs comments. (Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm probably
never going to check the cvs comments through cvs interface myself, so
that's why I'd happily browse through the NEWS file. I think I'm not the
only one.)


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