[mod_python] Problem installing apache2/mod_python.

Waitman Gobble waitman at waitman.net
Sun Nov 20 02:52:16 EST 2005

> I'm trying to set up apache2/mod_python on OSX.3.9.  I'm using
> http-2.0.55 and mod_python-2.7.11.
> I used
>   ./configure --enable-so
> for apache2, and
>   './configure --with-python=../Python-2.4.2
> --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs'
> for mod_python.  I added

Hello Alex,

One thing I noticed at first glance is your --with-python does not appear
to be correct.

--with-python=DIR       Path to specific Python binary

I understand that to be something like /usr/local/bin/python instead of
the path to the source code.

Hope that helps,


Waitman Gobble
(707) 237-6921

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