[mod_python] Debian

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Wed Nov 16 13:03:24 EST 2005

Daniel J. Popowich wrote:
> Jon-Pierre Gentil writes:
>>It seems that the debian maintainer of mod_python no longer has sufficient 
>>time to recompile and keep mod_python updated in Debian. 

This guy must be *really* busy. It's not like mod_python has been a 
fast-moving train! ;)

Seriously though, I'd like to thank the debian maintainer (Peter 
Hawkins?) for his work on mod_python deb packages. Perhaps Jon-Pierre 
could pass along my thanks next time they speak.

> I spoke to him 
>>and he stated that he'll likely set the packages up for adoption.
>>I am unfortunately not a debian developer and wouldn't have a clue where 
>>to begin.  Is anyone interested in picking up the package?
> Yes, I would be willing to do this!  I'm a regular Debian user
> (supporting Debian machines is the day job).  What are the adoption
> procedures?  God, I hope it doesn't include blood work.  :-)

Also being a Debian fanboy, I'll help any way I can - except for the 
blood work part. Daniel is on his own there.


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