[mod_python] Cookie problems with mobile phones

Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy grisha at modpython.org
Thu Nov 10 23:04:49 EST 2005

I think this was noted earlier and should be fixed in the next release.

See http://www.modpython.org/pipermail/mod_python/2005-January/017094.html


On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, Sebastjan Trepca wrote:

> PythonHandler test.portal.handler:   File
> "/usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/mod_python/Cookie.py", line 329,
> in _parse_cookie\n    setattr(c, l_key, val)
> [Thu Nov 10 11:51:44 2005] [error] [client]
> PythonHandler test.portal.handler: AttributeError: 'Cookie' object has
> no attribute '$version'

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