[mod_python] Bugreport: mod_python replaces "\n" on \n

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Tue Nov 8 17:14:19 EST 2005

Anton wrote:
> Here is a result of @including:
> http://anton.lihost.org/c.py?page=01-getopt
> "\n"s inside printf function were replaced by new lines
> Here is the source:
> http://anton.lihost.org/c/01-getopt.c.html
> $ cat templates/c/01-getopt.tmpl
> ...
> <%@ include file="../../c/01-getopt.c.html" %>
> ...

This looks like a bug in the psp_parser itself, rather than in the 
include mechanism. The backslash-LF character pair is being parsed as a 
LF character. I've attached a small test which illustrates the behaviour.

Could you file a bug report on JIRA, Anton?


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