[mod_python] [SPAM] Is mod_python 3.1 good in commercial blogging/CMS programming?

Anthony L. anthony at ataribaby.org
Mon Nov 7 03:14:50 EST 2005

I am writing a web application that is comparable to a content  
management system used in blogging. I really want to use Python after  
having done some evaluation coding using Python 2.3.5 with mod_python  
3.1.4 running on Apache 2.0 with the Publisher handler.

However, I am still very hesitant to settle on Python. All my  
research brings up the same collection of scant articles and old  
mailing list messages that reference each other. I am not interested  
in using frameworks, partly because I am confused by them, but mostly  
because I don't want to add another layer of software complexity on  
top of my code since I already am expecting a hard time finding low- 
cost dedicated hosting with Apache 2 and mod_python 3 support.

I have made a few assumptions regarding Python and mod_python's  
value. Hopefully the experts here can help correct any of my  
assumptions and give me some more comfort in committing to Python.

1. I want to use CGI through Publisher handler, instead of CGI  
handler or PSP. Despite the speed increase mod_python gives me, there  
is a problem of persistence that can be a problem when dealing with a  
site that will hosts potentially hundreds of simultaneous users.

2. I have found nothing to quantify the stability and reliability of  
mod_python 3, and in the absence of a list of major commercial sites  
that use mod_python, I am left feeling as is there might be technical  
(read as stability/security) reasons to favor mod_perl over mod_python.

3. I am not very attracted to PSP because I want to separate the  
logic from the presentation as completely as possible, and PHP and  
other template languages including PSP seem difficult to do that in.  
Learning template systems like PyMeld is an unattractive option for  
me since I don't understand their benefit. Why can't I just use  
req.write() to output my markup, relying completely on external CSS  
after the fact? My thought is that HTML templates provide a minimum  
set of static code that doesn't require extra processing, thus  
keeping performance up. However, if I minimize my use of req.write()  
will it make a difference?

4 A final question, is mod_python 2.7 suitable for use in a  
commercial production system? All I'm doing is text processing,  
string manipulation, database calls, and some very minor mathematics.  
If the Apache 1.3 series mod works fine, can I relieve myself of some  
stress and go with that combo?

I'd appreciate some practical advise on this. I am funding this  
myself on a small budget with no hard deadline, so it is critical to  
me that I choose a language that will minimize my costs. Are my  
assumptions correct, or am I falling prey to FUD?


*Note, I am posting this message to comp.lang.python

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