[mod_python] Re: Book on mod_python?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Fri May 27 18:42:50 EDT 2005

On 28/05/2005, at 12:21 AM, Lee Brown wrote:
> Graham, you have an unparalleled grasp of the inner workings of Mod 
> Python

There are other people on the list who know as much and more than I do,
I am just more vocal on the list because at this time it was more than
I could manage to get involved in actual development on mod_python so
I try and help by answering questions instead. Makes me feel good that
I can at least help out that way.

On 28/05/2005, at 12:29 AM, Oyvind Ostlund wrote:

> It is  important to not forget the beginners though. ;)

Even if you have some more complicated stuff you definitely can't forget
the beginners. One thing a book would have to be careful about is not to
focus on the latest versions in exclusion of the older versions. One of
the problems with the 3.1 documentation as it exists is that it doesn't
clearly indicate where certain things have changed in respect of 2.7.
As a result you get some number of questions on the mailing list by 
asking why their mptest example will not work. For some it is because
they didn't follow the instructions as written, but in other cases it is
because they followed the instructions for 3.1 when they were actually
using 2.7. We were getting a lot of this a while back and why I wrote
that newbie article I keep referring people to so that didn't have to
keep answering the same question all the time.

In 3.2 there are some changes to how module loading works for publisher
and there are some subtle differences to behaviour of module reloads as
a result. These differences would possibly need to be identified as 
although the issues are a bit esoteric and wouldn't affect beginners. 
serious applications though it may.

> I would definitly buy a book about mod_perl if there was one.

I thought we ascertained that there probably was one on mod_perl 
already. ;-)


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