[mod_python] Re: Book on mod_python?

Nicolas Lehuen nicolas.lehuen at gmail.com
Fri May 27 10:14:00 EDT 2005

2005/5/27, Damjan <gdamjan at mail.net.mk>:
> > As for a mod_python book, I really think this should be done based on
> > the future 3.2 release rather than based on the 3.1.x versions.
> Is there a list of new features planned for 3.2, and is there some
> timeframe when could we expect it?
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The future release notes are here :


As for the planning, well, I'd say that all we need for now is some
testing (only unit tests have been performed for now, compatibility
test could be done with a beta version or directly a Release
Candidate) and a bit of documentation. As soon as we decided
everything is OK,  Grisha is the only one who can make a release for



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