[mod_python] apache2 + mod_python + mod_php segfaults

Bram bram-lists at phoenux.org
Mon May 23 12:44:51 EDT 2005

Martin Lesser wrote:

>This may be OT on this list so please take my apologies for this
>I need a pointer which is the right address to report an IMO serious
>bug which is _not_ caused by mod_python but occurs when using it.
>We use mod_python since several months with success, yesterday we
>extended some modules to use cdb-files with python-cdb
>The apache 2.0.54 (gentoo-linux) running mod_python also loads mod_php
>(4.3.11) and simple code like
>| from mod_python import apache, util
>| import cdb
>| def index(req):
>|     _c = cdb.init('any_cdb_file.cdb')
>|     _x = _c.get('any_key') # This line caused the segfault, not the init
>|     return '<html>%s</html>' % _x
>caused a segmentation fault.
>After recompiling mod_php several times with reduced options
>(--disable-dba, --disable-dbx, --without-cdb etc.) the code above worked
>as expected.
>How is it possible that one modul (mod_php) causes a segfault in the
>main program (apache) when this program executes code from another modul
>(mod_python)? Is this an apache-bug?
>What's the right place to report this bug?
>TIA, Martin
>Mod_python mailing list
>Mod_python at modpython.org
Being a heavy Gentoo user myself, I would start with posting this 
problem with a little more info about what lead you to try to recompile 
mod_php when mod_python is segfaulting, and make that post to 


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