SSL-data access from verious handlers. was: Re: [mod_python] problem w/ authen handler

Bud P. Bruegger bud at
Mon May 23 09:28:51 EDT 2005

Hi Graham,

thanks for the great material on the topic!  More below..

At 22.05 23/05/2005 +1000, Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>Overall, what would be most useful I guess is if mod_python provided a way 
>of saying
>whether a handler should be executed as first, middle or last. If this 
>ability existed
>you could specify your handler to be run within the last group of the 
>thus ensuring that it is run after the SSL middle fixuphandler where 
>common vars would
>be primed.

This idea is intriguing.  How difficult would this be to implement?  I 
suppose this may be interesting not only for fixup handlers?

Another interesting solution would be a generic means (i.e., indipendently 
of mod-python) of telling Apache about the execution order of modules 
during configuration.  Thinking that other people may have had such needs, 
I searched the web and noted the --permute--module (I believe build-) 
option.  Would this be a possible solution?

While the module execution order sounds like a nice solution, I'm still 
wondering about the alternative approach of accessing mod-SSL's data.  Is 
there a possibility to access different tables from mod-python than just 
req.notes and req.connection.notes?  Or are these data strictly private to 
the module that sets them?

>Anyway, if you can understand what I am talking about, you might play with 
>and let us know what you find. I think though it is still going to be 
>executed before the
>SSL fixup handler which sets up the vars.

Interesting!  I'll definitely play with req.add_handler() but probably 
after I come back from an upcoming trip..

many thanks!


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