[mod_python] Session Problems

Jeremy Kohansimeh jkohans at gmail.com
Wed May 18 14:10:05 EDT 2005


I have narrowed down the problem I was having to a problem with Session's 
save function. Apparently, it locks the session and placing an unlock 
statement directly after it fixes the problem. Some code examples do this 
and in other places (on this list) I have read that this is not the correct 
way to handle it. Is there a general consensus on what the right way to do 
this is?

Also, I am having a strange problem that I think may be due to this. I have 
saved a session (with the save function) and on a subsequent request attempt 
to get the value of an attribute that was saved from it and the attribute no 
longer exist. I have performed the load function on it and am at a loss for 
why the attribute is gone. I don't think that I am creating another session 
object as the pysid cookie is set when 'req.sess = Session.Session( req)' is 
executed. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

Jeremy Kohansimeh
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