[mod_python] PSP Response

Jeremy Kohansimeh jkohans at gmail.com
Tue May 17 17:58:28 EDT 2005


The following fragment of code will sometimes return a response and other 
times just hang:

def genGraphWAnnotsHTMLResponse( req, frames):
"""generates HTML response for request to graph"""

session = req.session
seg_facade = session.seg_facade

column_header, data = genSegmentAnnotsHTML( frames, session.chrom_num, 

vars = { 'p_extend' : seg_facade.p_extend, \
'p_break' : seg_facade.p_break, \
'plot_image' : os.path.join( '../../images', session.original_image), \
'session' : session.id(), \
'cols' : column_header.__str__(), \
'data' : data.__str__() }

return psp.PSP( req, filename=ZOOM_WANNOTS_TMPL, vars=vars)

The path from the handler to here appears to be working fine. I did some 
debugging and can tell that the problem is somewhere in the psp.PSP call. I 
think it may have something to do with the interpreter, but that is just a 
wild guess. Has anyone had similar issues?

I am using:
mod_python 3.1.4
python 2.3.5
apache 2.0.53
RedHat Linux 9.3

Thanks for any help.

Jeremy Kohansimeh
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