[mod_python] os.system() call does not work within mod_python script

Arno Wilhelm quirxi at aon.at
Sat May 14 18:08:00 EDT 2005


I have got a proble for which I cannot find a proper solution:

Whenever a user on his browser hits a certain page (served by mod_python) the 
mod_python should send a SIGUSR signal to a certain process in order to force a 
update on him like this

# os.system( "kill -s SIGUSR1 26199" )

Whenever I make this call from within a python script it works. But whenever I 
try to build it into the mod_python script that is handled by apache it does not 
work. After that I have experimented with other os.system calls from within 
mod_python scripts and all of them seem to be ignored somehow.

Could someone here possibly shed some light on this issue, since I am on the end 
of my knowledge.



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