[mod_python] Is there any Reportlab user ...Please.

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Fri May 13 02:01:51 EDT 2005

tushar liladhar patil wrote ..
> I want to make pdf from xml file for that i m using reportlab I had written
> my own parser which will parse the xml and the text and images are collected
> in buffer.
>   But my problem is that the buffer is in a continious stream like when
> a pdf is created the paragraph (say of 5 lines) in the xml file is shown
> like a single line means it is going out of the right side of pdf page
> and i cant change or format thro' xml file bec'z it will affect other application,
> can any one please help me ???
> please do the needful ...

Am guessing here, as not real clear what you are talking about, but are you
using what they refer to as "Platypus", the "Page Layout and Typography Using
Scripts" features of reportlab as described in Chapter 5 onwards of the User

These features allow for automatic line wrapping, concepts of paragraphs etc.
If this is used, then a very long line of text should wrap and not be on one line.

Other than that suggestion, you might ask your question on the reportlab
mailing list, as it would appear to be a question about using reportlab and
nothing really to do with mod_python which is going to be merely serving
up your PDF document once created.


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