[mod_python] flex path and version for compiling mod_python

Jim Gallacher jg.lists at sympatico.ca
Tue May 10 17:54:36 EDT 2005

Could I get a little input from folks?

Currently, flex is needed for compiling mod_python but it's path is hard 
coded in src/Makefile as /usr/local/bin/flex. Thus, on many systems 
compilation will fail unless the Makefile is manually edited.

The path for flex should really be determined by the configure script, 
and it's version checked, as version 2.5.31 is the required minimum.

I'd like to modify the configure script, but I first want to check that 
the output of `flex --version` is the same on different platforms.

Could people run the following on their systems and email the output to me?

flex --version

On Debian unstable the result is:
flex 2.5.31

You can email me directly rather than the list.

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