[mod_python] Using Twisted inside mod_python

jarrod roberson jarrod.roberson at gmail.com
Fri May 6 01:50:43 EDT 2005

> If I understood where things were at, it was hanging somewhere inside
> of call to cac.getCachedResults().

this is correct, specifically in req.write() 

Question to the original poster. Have you added sufficient debug into each 
> step of the internals of that call so as to know precisely when the code
> seems to block?

that call basically walks a list filters out some items and builds another 
list to return
I have done alot of basic debugging and the problem is it just hangs apache 
and I have to kill it.
Thus it doesn't print anything out because it doesn't shut down correctly.
Also, does "cac" consist of simple Python data structures without locking, 
> or does it contain thread locks in anyway? 

no thread locks it just walks a list and compares some fields and for those 
that match it creates objects and returns them via a new list
Does it actually call into Twisted
> in some way? 

not that I can see 
Do you know that a separate thread can't call into Twisted
> unless it uses appropriate mechanisms? 

I do now, what I don't know is what "appropriate mechanisms" is specifically 

It is going to be really hard for us to say what is wrong unless you can
> narrow it down to exactly where it may be blocking and provide relevant 
> code for it.
> Graham

any suggestions are appreciated, thanks for reading
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