[mod_python] Printer connection thro' python

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu May 5 02:10:53 EDT 2005

tushar liladhar patil wrote ..
> I m using python2.3.4,glade2.0 and mandrake10.1 linux as a platform for
> this.
>         I m in need of some API's for Printer connection in PyGtk2.0,so
> that, that API's can interact with OS and the OS will give me the dialog
> box of priter, like in JAVA we have Printable interface.
>         So please do the needful, Im waiting for the nice reply.
>         I heard about Cupd, lpr of these are API from linux(os). but i
> dont know how to use it so if anyone knows please let me know also.

You have asked this here before and I believe you have also been told
before that this is not the appropriate forum for this question. This
mailing list is specfically related to the discussion of mod_python, an
extension for the Apache web server. This mailing list is not for general
Python questions. Like last time, I direct you to:


If it is tied closely into PyGtk, you might also find a mailing list for that
package instead and try there.


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