[mod_python] How to stop PSP Page Cache

dharana dharana at dharana.net
Wed May 4 03:35:47 EDT 2005

Remember that if you have psp pages that call modules these modules will 
not be reloaded when you change them until you restart apache.

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Asif Jan wrote ..
>>Hello, I am using mod_python 3.1.4, and doing psp development. The 
>>pages work fine without any probelms. However, when I change the psp 
>>page on disk the changes are not reflected on the version that is 
>>served to client. I am not caching pages at the browser side.
>>However restarting the apache server results in correct page being 
>>served. Is there a way to tell psp handler not to cache the pages?
> Although pages are cached, both the in memory cache and the DBM
> caching mechanisms have code in them that should mean that if the
> file is changed on disk, it will reload them. Ie., from file cache:
>     def get(self, filename, mtime):
>         try:
>             hits, c_mtime, code = self.cache[filename]
>             if mtime != c_mtime:
>                 del self.cache[filename]
>                 return None
>             else:
>                 self.cache[filename] = (hits+1, mtime, code)
>                 return code
>         except KeyError:
>             return None 
> and from DBM cache:
> def dbm_cache_get(srv, dbmfile, filename, mtime):
>     dbm_type = dbm_cache_type(dbmfile)
>     _apache._global_lock(srv, "pspcache")
>     try:
>         dbm = dbm_type.open(dbmfile, 'c')
>         try:
>             entry = dbm[filename]
>             t, val = entry.split(" ", 1)
>             if long(t) == mtime:
>                 return str2code(val)
>         except KeyError: 
>             return None
>     finally:
>         try: dbm.close()
>         except: pass
>         _apache._global_unlock(srv, "pspcache")
> Are you sure you aren't connecting to the server via a proxy with caching
> enabled or some other caching system like Squid?
> When you make the request after changing the file, do you actually see
> a request logged in the Apache log file at that time to indicate that the
> request is actually getting through to Apache?
> Graham
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