[mod_python] file upload very slow in fieldStorage

Nicolas Lehuen nicolas.lehuen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 15:08:01 EST 2005

Like I've wrote in another mail, FieldStorage will stream only if the
Content-Disposition header of the file part of the POST entity
contains a filename attribute (see mod_python/util.py line 169). Maybe
we should change this behaviour :

1) Always stream to disk unless told otherwise
2) Allow to pass a directory name where uploaded files will be
streamed ; if not specified a temporary file is used.


On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 09:18:30 -0700, Craig Warren
<craig.warren at encorp.com> wrote:
> Also be aware that  it doesn't stream it in (unless someone can tell me
> how to make it stream in), so it seems to read it all into memory (which
> might be your slowness, if it has to write to swap a lot) before it
> writes it to a tmp file.  We have had problems with this since we are
> running on an embedded system that doesn't have a swap, so we run out of
> memory.  I have been writing a handler that streams in the file, but
> have not completed it yet.  We switched to using WebDav to upload big
> files, but you can't really do it from a web interface, but it works
> over port 80 and "streams" the files in, which is nice.
> Craig
> Barry Pearce wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am uploading a 155Mb file to my python handler (just using
> > PythonHandler). The handler uses FieldStorage. However the time
> > between the browser reporting the upload as complete, and *my* handler
> > being called is quite excessive!
> >
> > Any ideas on where to investigate further? Does anyone know the
> > particular area of code internals?
> >
> > Im concerned because I need to upload in GB!!!!
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