[mod_python] Due to design of code util.FieldStorage causes MemoryError on V.Large files

Barry Pearce barry.pearce at copyrightwitness.net
Fri Mar 25 11:22:52 EST 2005

Hi all,

Ive just tried to upload an .iso using FieldStorage - an unfortunately 
this causes some problems - namely it just calls 'readline' without a 
specific sizing.

Im going to take a look at the code and try to improve it so that it 
would cope with multi-GB files...

I will also make some enhancements to allow callbacks detailing progress 
(thus allowing upload progress bars?) and the ability to control the 
directory used for the temporary files so that simple file renaming can 
be used instead of copying to move files around (which is v.expensive 
for large files), Ill also add the ability to find the name of the temp 
file used so the renaming is possible.

Once Ive done all this Ill push the changes back to mod_python.org for 
consideration for inclusion in a future release.

Any thoughts before I plough headlong into this?

Barry Pearce

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