[mod_python] Using mod_python on a commercial hosting provider

Andrea Fiore a.flow at tiscali.it
Fri Mar 18 16:21:03 EST 2005

I'm trying to use mod_python on a commercial hosting provider, that give 
me really few info about their setting. I now only that they have 
python2.2 in /usr/bin and that python is linked to apache via 
mod_python. Now, how can i execute the simple "hello word" script 
written in the manual?

from mod_python import apache

     def handler(req):

         req.content_type = "text/plain"
         req.write("Hello World!")

         return apache.OK

how can i set a python handler if i have not write access to httpd.conf?

Thank you in advance,

_Andrea Fiore

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