[mod_python] Trouble fetching POST arguments

Davin Boling davin at wordpainter.net
Thu Mar 17 08:52:15 EST 2005

Jorey Bump wrote:

> Davin Boling wrote:
>> Nevermind that it isn't too hard to just fix the action URL with a 
>> trailing slash, *as long as you know this behavior exists*. And now we 
>> do, so six hours of pulling my hair over this amount to something at 
>> least. :)
> I suspect that enabling mod_dir will take care of this for you 
> automatically.

I have mod_dir enabled outside of mod_python, but the functionality gets 
squashed once Apache passes the request to mod_python. If you know of a 
sensible way to have mod_dir work in this case, by all means, share it 
with me.

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