[mod_python] Trouble fetching POST arguments

Davin Boling davin at wordpainter.net
Thu Mar 17 08:15:54 EST 2005

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> I don't believe however your suggestion in 8 makes any difference.
> You would still need to add the trailing slash mentioned in 7 anyway
> if you were using a URL which actually mapped to the root directory
> where the PythonHandler was defined, or any subdirectory for that
> matter.
> Thus 8 really comes down to a matter of preferences of how to
> structure your application, I don't really see it as a better solution.
> Graham

This is what I meant by 8:

1) The problem only manifests if the URI corresponds to a filesystem 
directory off of the DocumentRoot.
2) Thusly, if it isn't imperative that the virtual documents that you 
are serving actually map to directories in the DocumentRoot, you can 
store your template components outside of DocumentRoot. They can still 
be named after the virtual documents/directories that you are serving, 
but they don't actually have to be in the DocumentRoot.

Otherwise, yeah, it pretty much does come down to personal preferance - 
I guess I was just scolding myself because this is going to be a secure 
site anyway and I should have written it that way from the start. 
Nevermind that it isn't too hard to just fix the action URL with a 
trailing slash, *as long as you know this behavior exists*. And now we 
do, so six hours of pulling my hair over this amount to something at 
least. :)

Thanks for the brainstorming session!

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