[mod_python] Making web site more useful. (Was: OS X / Apache 2 / mod_python bug)

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Mar 16 18:50:58 EST 2005

Scott Sanders wrote ..
> I can help with this if there is a canonical patch for the issue in 
> JIRA.  Just point me at it, and I will integrate it into the 
> repository.

The solution to the original problem was already in the repository
of as yet unreleased source code. It wasn't appreciated that it applied
to the specific problem with that version of Python even though it
was suggested early on that it be tried anyway.

What would help at the moment is for the web site to be updated
to include the following:

1. A link to the JIRA bug reporting page for mod_python. The only
references to this are in past mailing list postings. Site should
say to try and solve problem first by looking at mailing list
archive and by discussion on mailing list to avoid reports which
relate to a person understanding rather than a bug.

2. A link to and instructions on how latest working copy of code
could be checked out of subversion repository so people can
try that if they want to, to see if it fixes their problems. Note
sure it is common knowledge at all where the subversion
repository is.

3. A variant of the search box on the main web site which will
look just in the archive of mailing list mail and which is marked
as such. Ie., include the search term "inurl:pipermail". This would
avoid the questions of how to search the mailing list. Comments
on the site directing people to try searching the mailing list
archive for solutions to problems would also help.

4. For myself and others who help out, we should be more
diligent in posting more FAQ entries on common problems.


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