[mod_python] restricting access to certain variablesusingmod_python.publisher

Jan Huelsbergen jan at huelsbergen.de
Mon Mar 14 20:53:35 EST 2005

Hi again,

first, thanks for the quick reply.

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> FWIW, the vampire::publisher replacement I wrote for mod_python.publisher
> doesn't suffer this problem. It wasn't intentional that I fixed it, but because
> of how I completely turned around how a lot of the checks and things are
> done, it just so happened to eliminate the bug.

That sounds intriguing, but I must admit I was not able to find this
vampire::publisher handler in your latest Vampire release (nor did I
find it using google or the Mailinglist archives).

Can you point me to where the fun is?


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