[mod_python] mod_python, apache and cygwin on xp pro

Johannes Nel johannes.nel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 14:21:12 EST 2005


ok, i have just wasted a weekend trying to get this working on my
windows machine with cygwin

1st tried apache 2.* with mod_python 3.1*,
unfortunatly my bin/apxs work(apache 2.* and 1.3*) with a pretty
standard apache install script of

./configure --prefix-/my/path
make install
-> it says DSO is not supported on this platform. Fair enough

so then compiling mod_python using

./configure --with-apxs-/path/to/apxs 
will obviously fail.

so i decided bahamba, no reason for DSO i can just do it the old way.
so mod_python 3.1 does not support static compile so had to switch to
apache 1.3* and mod_python 2.7* and compile mod_python into the apache

so compiling mod_python fails for me now on the make!!!
./configure --with-apache=/path/to/my/apache/source
make static 
--> Error 2 could not find mod_python.c 

obviously the file is in the mod_python folder src folder.

well thats my sad tale. any insight will be appreciated...
has anybody gotten it working, and if they did, how?
ps: how do i search the archives of this list?


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