[mod_python] Module reload/derived class problem

Alan Davies alan at goatpunch.com
Fri Mar 4 13:42:09 EST 2005


I just wanted to contribute some information about a problem I'd been
having, for a while that I couldn't find a clear answer to anywhere.
It's a combination of two problems that I'd seen discussed in different

The problem was this:

    I created a class 'A', in it's own module, that serves up a dynamic

    I then derived a class 'B' from 'A', that adds a few extras. Some of
    'A's methods were overridden, deferring functionality to the base
    class by explicitly calling 'A' (e.g. calling A.foo(self) from

    Everything seemed to work as expected, but once in a while I would
    get an error like this when a method on 'B' was called:

        TypeError: unbound method foo() must be called with A instance 
                   as first argument (got B instance instead)

    The error would go away when I restarted Apache.

The problem was, of course, caused by the module containing 'A' being
reloaded. The reloads would happen when I made a change to 'A', which is
called directly by mod python. Module 'A' would reload when I modified
it, which I would do occasionally, without thinking to test 'B' which
shouldn't have been impacted by the changes.

The reloaded class 'A' is a different class from the original 'A'. I
suppose this has to happen when a module is reloaded, and it's probably
a feature that just looks like a bug.

The problem can be demonstrated without even using mod_python, by the
following simple example:

------ file testa.py ---------

class A:
    def foo(self):
        print "A:foo"

-----file testderive.py -----

import testa

class B(testa.A):
    def foo(self):
        print "B::foo"

b = B()

print "first request:"

# simulate mod_python performing a reload

print "second request:"

---- testderive.py output ---------

first request:
second request:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "testderive.py", line 16, in ?
  File "testderive.py", line 6, in foo
TypeError: unbound method foo() must be called with A instance as first
argument (got B instance instead)


Now that I've realised why I get that error message, I can avoid the
problem by brute force either by 'touch'ing 'B' every time I change
'A', or by restarting Apache after a change to 'A' (instead of a week
later when I notice the problem).

More advanced ideas for fixing the module reloading problem would be

Hope someone finds this useful,


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