[mod_python] Re: run scripts not under web server user

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Thu Mar 3 10:05:42 EST 2005

azurIt wrote:
>>Bert Hughes wrote:
>>>Check out apache module suEXEC.
>>This will only work for CGI scripts, not mod_python.
> yes, that's true. any other ideas ? :/

Well, ideally, it would be nice to use the perchild MPM, which is an 
attempt to deal with exactly this issue and embedded interpreters:


However, according to the docs, it does not currently work. :(

I know how to set up private instances of apache/mod_python, but it's 
not an elegant solution (I use it to test new versions of 
apache/mod_python). I don't otherwise require user separation in any of 
my environments, so I can't recommend anything, as I haven't thrown 
myself at the problem.

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