[mod_python] Beta testers for "vampire::publisher"?

Bo Lorentsen bl at netgroup.dk
Tue Mar 1 02:16:21 EST 2005

Graham Dumpleton wrote:

>The new code hasn't been released as a package yet and thus not
>documented there. I am also still trying to catch up on providing
>documentation for existing features. :-)
I know the feeling, and on the other hand ... code are the ultimate 
documentation :-)

>It is because the documentation isn't done that I indicated I would
>explicitly help people to convert if they wanted to try it out.
It would be nice with a quick publisher -> vampire "hello world" 
example, both to signal that it is possible and to show the differance 
regrading imports.

Btw. regarding your form element parsing (the dot notation). it is 
possible to make a  "dict.element" = "data -> dict = {'element':data}", 
but how about sequences like fks :

seq.index.element = data

that may in python become :

seq[ index ] =  {'element':data}

I use somthing like this for "onemany" DB relations in my current code, 
to repeate a block of ellements. Together with my data abstraction layer 
(that also need documentation :-)), this makes a really nice and easy 
way to renter and edit database content.


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