[mod_python] Configuring Session.Session

Jim Gallacher jg.lists at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 28 10:53:48 EDT 2005

Hi Nicolas,

I can add this feature if you'd like. I'm hoping to spend some time on 
Session.py today anyway.

By the way, is CamelCase preferred for use as keywords in PythonOption / 
apache config files. I'm not a fan, preferring session_cookie_name to 
SessionCookieName, but it's more important to be consistent than right. 
:) If CamelCase is the standard I'll change my code accordingly.

Nicolas Lehuen wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> Right now it's not possible, unfortunately. It's not so difficult to do, 
> however, so you can expect it to be included in the next mod_python release.
> If this is really urgent I can provide you a hack which will give you 
> the ability to define the session cookie name using "PythonOption 
> SessionCookieName foobar ". But it will be definitely a hack and will 
> turn you mod_python version into a non-standard one, which is not a good 
> idea. So it's better to wait for the next release if you can do so.
> Regards,
> Nicolas
> 2005/6/28, Wayne Pierce <shalofin at gmail.com <mailto:shalofin at gmail.com>>:
>     Is it possible to change the session name mod_python sends?  I have a
>     machine where I will be developing several mod_python apps and would
>     like to keep the sessions separate.
>     However, I have found that each app will use the same session name,
>     which has caused conflicts (especially when I reuse code between
>     apps).
>     I didn't find anything in the documentation to do this.  Thanks,
>     Wayne
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