[mod_python] This is just friggin' weird...

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Jun 23 20:09:46 EDT 2005

Joshua Ginsberg wrote ..
> BTW, isn't it a bug if psp.redirect invokes the page specified by 
> psp.set_error_page?

The code in question is:

                exec code in global_scope
                # the mere instantiation of a session changes it
                # (access time), so it *always* has to be saved
                if session is not None:
                et, ev, etb = sys.exc_info()
                if psp.error_page:
                    # run error page
                    psp.error_page.run({"exception": (et, ev, etb)})
                    raise et, ev, etb

One might say that it would make more sense if the exception
raised is apache.SERVER_RETURN that it should pass it back
immediately and not call the error page, but then some people
might want customised error pages for actual HTTP errors.

Anyone else got any thoughts about it?


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