[mod_python] Is external redirect supposed to send a cookie(mpservlets)?

Scott Chapman scott_list at mischko.com
Mon Jun 20 20:01:11 EDT 2005

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Scott Sanders wrote ..
>>The session cookie is not in the error headers, which are the only  
>>headers sent on redirect.  My workaround was to write a redirect  
>>function that wrote out the session cookie in the error headers.  I  
>>will try and look for the source code.
> Hmmm, that doesn't quite make sense. I use util.redirect() with a
> session based login and have no problem at all. You might be able
> to learn something from:
>   http://svn.dscpl.com.au/vampire/trunk/examples/session/access.py
>   http://svn.dscpl.com.au/vampire/trunk/examples/session/
> Working example at:
>   http://www.dscpl.com.au/projects/vampire/examples/session
> Use mickey/mouse as login/password.
> I know it isn't using mpservlets and relies on a different package,
> but might still be useful.
> Graham

Your example does use 302 redirect to get to the login page and it's 
sending a cookie so you've got some magic going that mpservlets doesn't 
have.  I'll dig into your code and see what's up!


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