[mod_python] Question about Session security

dharana dharana at dharana.net
Wed Jun 15 19:52:31 EDT 2005

Jim Gallacher wrote:
> Dan Eloff wrote:
>> Good point, mod_python is very flexible. I really like that.
>> I have one more question about sessions. Are they saved automatically,
>> or do I have to explicitly call .save()?
> You must call save(). I have been thinking about an autosave though. 
> Anyone else have any thoughts?

I see no problems with this idea in my use of mp but I believe it shouldn't be 
done. I see sessions as file-like objects and as such I think it should be made 
explicit that you want to save the changes you make to a session. It seems more 
correct to me like it is right now. Maybe I'm wrong.


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