[mod_python] Question about Session security

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Jun 15 19:34:21 EDT 2005

Dan Eloff wrote ..
> Good point, mod_python is very flexible. I really like that.
> I have one more question about sessions. Are they saved automatically,
> or do I have to explicitly call .save()?
> Thanks for being so helpful guys,

If you are using mod_python.psp and using its mechanism within a
page for creating the session automatically, it will save the session
for you automatically as well.

If creating Session objects directly yourself from mod_python.publisher
or some other handler, you are responsible for saving the session

Also, note that if you are using req.internal_redirect(), you are responsible
for saving and unlocking any session object before calling req.internal_redirect().
If you don't and the page you redirect too creates a session object for the
same SID, you will get a deadlock.


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