[mod_python] Best way to use Session

Adriano Monteiro py.adriano at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 23:31:58 EDT 2005

Hi again Folks...

Now I'm in trouble handling Sessions...
I can't make it happen by anyway, and it also break my script
sometimes... I just don´ t understand what is the matter with it.

This is the way I'm importing it:

from mod_python import apache, Session

I was getting an error, saying that my page could not be found. When I
took of the Session from the import, the error disapeared and the
script worked.

Is there another way like session = apache.import_module ('xxxx') to
avoid this problem? I'm almost getting crazy with these bugs... :-/

Again... My apache is 2.0.59 and my mod_python is 3.1.3.



Adriano Monteiro Marques
py.adriano at gmail.com

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