[mod_python] Thread safety

Dan Eloff dan.eloff at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 19:26:07 EDT 2005

> if you are running Apache 2.0 with the "worker" MPM, then you need to be
> threadsafe.  if you are running "prefork" MPM or Apache 1.3, it only uses
> child processes for concurrent operation and is not threaded.  of course
> it might be a good idea to be threadsafe no matter what for portability
> reasons.

I forgot about that, I'd like to make things work with either
eventually. I'm working on an alternate publisher for mod_python. When
it's finished I'll share it with the mod_python community and if they
like it they can help me integrate it. I think initially I'll not
worry about threading, better to get everything running first.

Does mod_python work well under either mpm?


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