[mod_python] dbhash or pickle

Huzaifa Tapal huzaifa at hostway.com
Mon Jun 6 12:55:01 EDT 2005

I am in the process of extending a python based web app framework that I 
recently converted to mod_python.  I want to store the web app 
configuration in some form of pickle type file that can be modified with 
ease.  I was looking into the dbm use by mod python for DBM Session and 
was wondering if using that is better than pickling and unpickling. 

My goal really was to store the configuration in memory for use by any 
applications running in the framework to use and when the web app 
configuration is modified through a management interface, that in-memory 
configuration is updated and rewritten to the file-based configuraiton file.

Would saving that dictionary based configuration be much better if saved 
in the dbm file?  Any thoughts on what could be the best approach to this?


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