Fwd: Re: [mod_python] matplotlib and sys.stdout[.write()] <> req[.write()]

Adrian Immler mod_python-maillist at uebergeek.de
Fri Jun 3 05:01:40 EDT 2005

>It looks like mod_python is doing something funny with sys.stdout,
>because I can run your script in as a standalone python script

that's the point ;]

>The relevant code in lib/matplotlib/backends/backend_agg.py around
>line 377 is

>    self.renderer._renderer.write_png(filename).

>Apparently the isinstance(filename, file) test is failing under
>modpython and working under normal python.  Anyone know why, or what
>would be a more appropriate test for a file object under modpython

okay ... is there someone out there that knows how to get that working ?
maybe it is just the wrong way we're taking ..)

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