[mod_python] Text Dump - Save me from insanity

Alexis Marrero amarrero at mitre.org
Wed Jun 1 18:19:39 EDT 2005

I know that this is beaten horse but I don't know what else to do.

The problem is the good ol' "text dump" instead of script execution.

I read the fact and I have google it a thousand of times but I still 
haven't make it work.

Here is my httpd.conf:
DocumentRoot "/webapp/"

Alias / "/webapp/"
<Directory "/webapp/">
   SetHandler mod_python
   PythonHandler index
   PythonDebug On

index.py is:

def index(req):


If I access, http://localhost/, I get a 404 Not Found, if I access 
http://localhost/index.py I get a text dump of the script.

I also added the line, PythonPath "sys.path ['/webapp/']", and still 
does the same thing.

Notice that I WANT SetHandler to be in my httpd.conf because I want to 
catch all requests to the root directory with index.py, nothing else.

What else should I try. I have been using mod_python for a while so I'm 
not that new to it.


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