[mod_python] Is right to ignore errors while pickling session data?

dharana dharana at dharana.net
Sun Jul 31 04:51:29 EDT 2005

Hi nick,

Nicolas Lehuen wrote:
> Hi dharana,
> If you're using 3.2.0-dev and FileSession, then you should see that the 
> pickling / unpickling exceptions are logged into the error log. 
> DbmSession does not catch the exception so it should be raised up to the 
> user. That's something we should fix, so that every session class 
> behaves the same way.

It's better than not logging them at all, but no other part in mod_python logs 
silently to the error log (apart from segfaults). Is there any reason for that? 
Maybe it's something that can happen when sessions are expired or maybe the 
session creation/deletion happens in parts where it can't write to req? I have 
my development server setup to throw errors on screen so if I don't see 
tracebacks I generally don't expect them to have happened. That's what has 
bugged me.

> What version of mod_python and what session class are you using ?

I'm using -dev version: mod_python_2005071222430.

> Regards,
> Nicolas


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